Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Green Smoothies!!

I loveee my green smoothies! The look might be off putting to a lot of people lol, but I think they look and taste really good.  I haven't had access to a lot of variety of fruit and vegetables, but lately I've been using spinach, kale, brown pears, oranges, blueberries, green grapes, and bananas and I've truly fallen in love lol.   The boost of energy I get after having a cup is more than I've ever felt drinking coffee or an energy drink.. its amazing.

I started making smoothies only a few weeks ago, and I plan to open myself up to a way larger variety of combinations.  I'm kinda hesitant to blend veggies that have a distinct taste ( I tried celery and it was absolutely horrendous), but we'll see..

Anyways, here is my typical smoothie nowadays... It has all the ingredients I listed already (except the blueberries, I added those later) and a cup of water.  Its so gooood!!

This is just a good way to increase your vegetable and fruit intake.  Also a lot of the time, we cook our veggies and in doing so we lose a lot of the benefits.  For most smoothies, you can just blend everything raw.  The sweetness of the fruit really hides any bitterness the vegetables may have.  

But remember, nothing is good for you when taken excessively, so I'd limit smoothies to once or twice a day for the average person.  There's a lot of sugar in fruit, and oxalates in leafy greens, which could lead to problems if eaten WAY too much.  Of course, drinking more than 2 a day will probably do more good than bad, but once again, try not to be excessive!

Here is how the final product looked... YUM

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