Friday, February 1, 2013


One of the hardest things for me when helping people figure out how to take care of their hair is deciding how much information is too much information.  If I give too much information on what I do currently or all the products you can use or all the different steps you can take towards having healthy hair, it will definitely be overwhelming to someone just starting out, making them more likely to just say, forget this, its too much...

I figure now that the best advice I really can give, is to keep it simple, and comfortable.  Doing too much is the easiest way to get tired of it all, QUICK.  Hair grows best when left alone. If you're keeping your scalp clean, putting some moisture in your hair, and keeping it stretched a little to keep the tangles at bay your hair can flourish  A lot of the time people think there's a magic product out there they're missing out on, or if they buy enough "good" products their hair will "thank" them, but honestly, its not the products that do the trick, its keeping your regimen simple and doing what you feel is enough for your comfort.  As you learn more about your hair and get used to the way it reacts to your current regimen you can add/subtract steps as you see fit, until your whole regimen has evolved.  It doesn't have to be a quick turn around.  It took me over a year to develop a solid regimen by slightly tweaking things along the way, and my hair didn't suffer at all for me taking my time.

I like to think of it being analogous to working out, and figuring out a work out regimen.  When you're trying to get into fitness, most people don't go straight to the big fitness enthusiasts and copy their regimens front to back.  Its smarter to start at a level you're comfortable at, and build in complexity as your body becomes more able.   It will then begin its natural transition to higher fitness goals.  Jumping into super difficult work out routines will only cause you to hate it and quit before you hardly started. You should have a similar mentality when dealing with your hair!

Keep it Simple, Keep it Comfortable

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